A revolutionary sistema to completely and permanently eliminate diseases in swine farms.

The Brachyspira hyodysenteriae is the bacteria that causes one of the most contagious and worrying diseases in hogs, The Swine Dysentery.

When one farm gets infected it is very difficult to do a massive cleanout in the farm and eliminate the strain because is highly resistant to approved antibiotics and chemicals.

In many farms,  pigs arrive at the farm being negative for brachyspira, and become positive once in the farm.

Activa together with some farms in Spain, using our revolutionary system, were able to end definitively the swine dysentery and decrease close to zero the bacterial load in the farm facilities. The tests were conducted by the GSP (Group de Sanejament Porcí) an institution with a wide reputation in the livestock sector in Spain.

Our system is based on a coating on the floor and walls, developed by Active Walls that consists of a set of semiconductor minerals, which have PERMANENT antibacterial, antiviral, and odor removal properties when with the action of light. In addition, these natural minerals are harmless for humans and animals, and do not intervene in the trophic chain

Permanence is proven, as farms were tested after 137 days with the hogs in, and still negative of branchyspira and other microorganisms as (BGN Gram Negative Bacteria) Enterobacteriaceae.