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Activa products represent a step forward in environmental and health technologies

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Photocatalytic surfaces present excellent results in reducing the pollution inside buildings.

Inside our homes and offices, we must add to the contaminants coming from the exterior caused by automobiles and industries those that occur within the same building, whether it’s from building materials (glues, varnishes, solvents, etc.) or those which are produced through our activities (combustion fumes, cooking, heating, maintenance, etc.).

Additionally, photocatalytic surfaces on the outside walls of the houses act as a shield to prevent the entrance of dirty outside air.


The main cause of dirt on the walls of our homes, both inside and outside, is the gradual accumulation of particles and pollutants on them, the same pollutants our families and we are breathing continuously. Within a short time after being painted, a room’s walls present shadows in the corners and edges of windows, doors, frames and other decorative elements. These are the areas where the air moves slower and where the dirt builds up. The same is true for radiators and air vents. The problems are both aesthetic and hygienic, since the dirtiness contains nutrients for bacteria and fungi, and repainting represents a major cost of materials and labour. In the diagram to the right, one can see the process of self-cleaning of a photocatalytic surface compared to a normally-coated wall. After being both equally stained with a dye (Rhodamine B), after only 60 hours of exposure to light, the photocatalytic surface recovered its original whiteness.


Photocatalytic surfaces prevent the growth of microorganisms and do not allow the accumulation of substances from which they feed. Therefore they are very effective against attacks from bacteria, fungi and microorganisms in general. The results are backed up by numerous measurements performed on walls of schools, hospitals, food factories, and even in specialized laboratories.


Traditional deodorizing systems consist of perfume being dispersed into the air, which blocks the effect of odours in our nostrils. However, we are still breathing the pollutants, even if we don’t notice the smell. Photocatalytic surfaces do not emit any odour, because they destroy the harmful compounds that produce them. In our case, the absence of odour indicates the purity and cleanliness of the air entering our lungs.


It is well known that people who live in urban environments suffer more respiratory problems and even have a lower life expectancy than that of people living in areas with clean air.

Photocatalytic walls perform the same purifying function as forests and grasslands. They even use the same energy source: light.

Activa products represent a step forward in environmental and health technologies:

They are very easy to apply:

  • Not only are they ‘green’ products, they actually clean contaminated environments.
  • In addition to helping the environment, the greatest benefits are for the health of the families that apply them to their homes.
  • They are a technology that saves money. Photocatalytic surfaces maintain themselves clean thanks to their dirt-killing effect.
  • Their effects are permanent.

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