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Farms may be focuses of Covid19 infections.

Several studies affirm that farms and livestock operations, especially those dedicated to the breeding of white mink, can be major sources of infection by COVID 19. This has generated great concern to health authorities and those responsible for livestock farms around the country. Through Active technology we can help combat this health emergency and help […]

Photocatalytic products, a great solution to eliminate bacteria and contaminants permanently.

Photocatalytic products constitute an ecological, passive and economic system to eliminate contaminants, dirt and save maintenance and cleaning costs. From Activa Colors we make available to the population and institutions the possibility of using these products to maintain a healthier environment. We are currently facing a global emergency motivated by the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). […]

Efficacy of our products fighting viruses

Since the utbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was recognized in southern China in late February 2003, a large number of chemical disinfectants have been used in the epidemic area, causing public concern about human health. and the environment. The use of light-reinforced semiconductor minerals is an alternative to conventional chemical disinfectants (Hong He a, […]

Rehabilitation in the center of Paris

The company CARMINE S.A, using the photocatalytic technologies of ACTIVE WALLS SL, has achieved a spectacular result in the rehabilitation of an emblematic building in the center of Paris, doing a job without any negative impact on the environment. The rehabilitation of the number 16 of the Rue Turbigo has been realized with zero CO2 […]