Trump Tower, Chicago,Illinois USA
Chicago mini
Self Cleaning Building, Chicago,Illinois, USA
Clinic Humanitas  Bucharest (Romania)

Clinic Floreasca (Romania)

Public Services Bio (Sweden)

Buzzi Hospital – Milan (Italy)

Hospital Humanitas- Milan (Italy)

Offices of public prosecutors and lawyers in Oslo (Sweden)

Offices of the District Administration in Södermalm Stockholm (Sweden)

Clinica Humanitas

Garbage collection room in Oslo Shopping Center (Sweden).

Headquarters and Facitlities of Mutua Egarsat Terrassa ,Barcelona (Spain)
Montatge RecepcioySala
Police Station in Milan (Italy)
Police Headquarters S.Giuliano Milan (Italy)
Several Police Stations in Barcelona Catalunya
Milan University Italy
Highschool in Marcallo with Casone (Italia)
Kindergarten Can Serra,Cardedeu, Barcelona (Spain)
Day & Night care residence for elderly La Torrassa , L’hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona ( Spain)
Children burn unit at “Vall d’Hebrón” Hospital in Barcelona (Spain)
Hospital Consortium in Vic,Barcelona, (Spain)
Hospital Consortium Sant Jaume in Manlleu, Barcelona,( Spain)
Day & Night care residence for elderly Sant Jaume in Manlleu, Barcelona, (Spain)
Fahed Almana Villa Doha Qatar
Selman Ansari Villa Doha Qatar
Ansari Abdullah Villa Doha Qatar
Disinfection in the State Lottery Administration in Madrid (Spain)
High School Joaquin Turina Madrid, Spain
Treatment inside of a Church in Paris France
Church in Merano Italy