16 rue de Turbigo paris, rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in the center of Paris

The company CARMINE S.A, using the photocatalytic technologies of ACTIVE WALLS SL, has achieved a spectacular result in the rehabilitation of an emblematic building in the center of Paris, doing a job without any negative impact on the environment.

The rehabilitation of the number 16 of the Rue Turbigo has been realized with zero CO2 emissions, thanks to the use of ECO-ACTIVA® technology, developed to guarantee the optimal protection of buildings by photocatalytic reaction and which only needs light to activate and make our environment a healthier environment.

Furthermore, our PHOTOPROTECT® product, does not modify the appearance or color of the building and contributes to its maintenance, since in addition to working to purify the air it also destroys dirt on surfaces, thus reducing the maintenance costs of any public building or private, keeping its appearance for many more years.