Revolutionary permanent cleaning and disinfection system.

One of the most important challenges farms are currently facing, and more specifically broiler and swine farms, is the high bacterial load that accumulates in the facilities and the consequences it entails for the production and health of the farm’s animals.  That is why farms implement a biosecurity protocol to control 100% effectively all the viruses and bacteria that can be generated during the fattening cycle of the animal.

One of the central practices in these biosecurity protocols is House cleanout program, thus keeping them free of viruses and bacteria.Qlayer Solutions together with Active Walls have tested a revolutionary new cleaning and disinfection PERMANENT system in different farms such as Urgasa, Vallcomanys and Guissona where 100% satisfactory results have been achieved.

The coating developed by Active Walls and Qlayer Solutions consists of a set of semiconductor minerals, which have antibacterial, antiviral, and odor-removing PERMANENT properties when in contact with the action of natural or artificial light. In addition, these semiconductor minerals are harmless to the health of humans and animals, both in their initial state of application and when they react with light.

One of the main bacteria tested in the livestock environment has been Enterobacteria, which are the most heterogeneous group of gram-negative bacilli and are responsible for most diseases in both humans and animals.

The effectiveness of Qlayer coating with Brachyspira hyodysenteriae (the bacterium that causes swine dysentery) has even been shown to be one of the most problematic bacteria in pig farms, along with other highly resistant bacteria, such as SARS COV2. salmonella and Escherichia ecolis.

In tests carried out both in the laboratory and in situ on farms, with only 40 minutes after its application, the Qlayer coating reduced the colonies of Enterobacteriaceae and other previously mentioned bacteria, to ZERO, regardless of the surface material where applied. And the results remained 100% positive months after its application. Its bactericidal, disinfectant and odor elimination effect is PERMANENT and has important effects on productivity and cost reduction in farms.