The plenary session of the European Parliament has adopted a project on Tuesday so that all newly built buildings are equipped with solar and environmentally friendly technologies by 2028. For residential buildings and those under renovation, 4 extra years will be given, with 2032 being the deadline.

The position of the Eurocamara has been 343 votes in favor, 216 against and 78 abstentions and now a period of negotiations will begin to agree on the final form of this bill.

A ladder of energy performance will be established for buildings that will go from A to G and residential buildings must reach category E by 2030 and at least rating D by 2033.

Public and non-residential buildings must achieve the same environmental rating by 2027 and 2030.

Hoping that all buildings will achieve category A by 2050 and be neutral in emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Only buildings of architectural relevance and places of worship and other particular cases with pertinent studies will be exempt from this bill.

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