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Activa Colors

Let’s all care for the environment together!

Now is the time to give to families the access to this unique technology.

Existing environmental technologies are:

Our Activa Technologies:

  • Incomodas
  • Caras
  • Reactivas
  • Difusas en sus resultados.
  • Beneficiosas a largo plazo.
  • Requieren un esfuerzo constante.
  • Beneficiosas para la comunidad pero no para los individuos.
  • Require no effort
  • Are virtually for free and guarantee economic benefits
  • Are proactive
  • Benefit families and people in their environment
  • Offer immediate and measurable benefits
  • Once applied are permanent
  • Benefit the individuals first, and therefore the community

A little history of Activa


Start of activity 2004 with a European Community project.

  • 2006

    Start of industrial production.

  • 2008 -2009

    Start of internationalization

  • 2012

    Transfer of Headquarters to BCN

  • 2012

    3 production centers in the Barcelona area

  • 2017

    ISO 9001 quality CERTIFICATION

  • 2018

    Creation of QLAYER SOLUTIONS S.L to access the permanent disinfection market in farms

In 2004 Activa began its activity as part of a project co-financed by the European Union to develop technologies that help improve the environment and people’s well-being. Our technology is a powerful ally in ending the pollution generated by traffic, the heating, industrial and livestock activity. In addition, it has the ability to disinfect permanently, eliminate odors and stay clean for a long period of time.
Given the potential of our technology, in 2006 we started industrial production with the aim of bringing this revolutionary system to people.
With the aim of improving year after year, in 2017 we received ISO 9001 quality certification.
In 2018, we began entering a key sector such as agriculture where we detect specific needs for permanent disinfection that we are able to understand and satisfy. Working side by side with the farmers we become a key asset in disinfection, reduction of ammonia levels and ensuring animal welfare.
With the arrival of the pandemic we all become much more aware of the importance of hygiene and disinfection to keep us healthy and Activa experiences growth that allows us to face new challenges.

Our business sector

Our target is people and their well-being. We want to protect the health of families and this is and always has been our reason for being.
Always following this leitmotiv we have achieved a range of products that purify the air with what they enter contact and then we breathe, they disinfect from viruses and bacteria all the surfaces on which they are applied and more to plus they get rid of bad smells.
It is also important for us that it is a technology that is easy to use for both professionals and individuals, for that our coatings are applied like a paint and only need natural or artificial light to activate and start working for our health and well-being.
Its active principle is the same as that applied to solar panels and allows us to categorize our technology as a clean  Technology

The air in cities is polluted.
Pollution in cities is the result of industrial and human activity. The limits of are frequently exceeded pollutant particles established by the EU and this fact has consequences for our health and the environment.
Everyday activities such as cooking, heating, varnishing furniture or traveling in motor vehicles are great polluting agents that affect that these limits are constantly exceeded. As members of a modern society and aware, we have the responsibility to reduce our impact on the pollution of our environment.
With the Activa products, we achieve through light, to  create spaces and surfaces that are healthy for the users and that in addition to more des pollute the air creating super islands of pollutants that are equivalent to 15-20 trees planted per building facade
treated with Activa.

Our business mission and vision


Our goal is for people to enjoy a clean and healthy environment free of pollution, infections and bad smells. And what's more, if the our technology represents a saving in the maintenance of your home or workplace, we are 100% satisfied.

We wish for every family and every company that they are able to create a clean and healthy environment and that by protecting and taking care of themselves, are able to influence the well-being and health of their community and immediate environment.
Photocatalytic cities make it possible to combine today's urban life without having to give up the benefits of a green, clean and healthy environment.

It is not only a clean technology that does not generate waste but also improves the environment continuously and permanently. It is the only technology that works for the user first and consequently also benefits the community and environment.

Corporate values


Our products have the best performance , and must be able to satisfy market requirements.


Our technology be comprehensible and easy to use.


Our products signify long term savings to our customers


We want our customers to recognize us as a key supplier for their environmental policies.


We work for continuous improvement of our products and processes, integrating new technologies.