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Activa Products

Based on our photocatalytic technology, we offer three product lines to meet the needs of our customers. Click on the brand of each product to download technical data sheet. Safety data sheets available on request.



Washable photocatalytic coating for interior walls. It comes in a range of standard colours.


Photocatalytic breathable coating for roofs. White.


Photocatalytic lacquer, ultra-washable, for indoors. Offered in egg-shell finish, for use on baseboards.


Premium Photocatalytic coating for outdoor facades, with anti carbonation properties.


Potassium-silicate based photocatalytic coating based outdoor potassium silicate. Colors on request.


Photocatalytic Coating for tunnels.

Invisible Treatments

PhotoActiva TB

Invisible photocatalytic treatment, for prefabricated, exposed brick, stone, concrete, mortar and glass surfaces.


Invisible Photocatalytic treatment, for asphalt pavements.

PhotoActiva 130

Invisible photocatalytic treatment for glass surfaces.

PhotoActiva TB

Waterborne Photocatalytic Dispersion for the invisible protection of porous surfaces.

Cement-based products


Photocatalytic coating for second-generation asphalt driveways, compact paving, drains or sound absorbents.

Photocatalytic Quartz

Photocatalytic quartz for the superficial finish of concrete pavements.

3C Photocatalytic Pavement

For the preparation of photocatalytic paving for pedestrian or cycle tracks.

Photocatalytic Finishing Mortar 3D

Fine photocatalytic mortar for finishing facades.


PhotoSiloxane Primer

Primer for PhotoSiloxane

PhotoDeco Primer

Primer for PhotoDeco, PhotoLacq, PhotoWall, PhotoTunnel.

PhotoSilicate Primer

Primer for PhotoSilicate.