Pollution causes structural changes in children’s brains

An ISGlobal study shows how this organ is “particularly vulnerable” to pollution not only during pregnancy but also in childhoodBeing exposed to air pollutants in the womb and during the first eight and a half years of life alters the structural connectivity of the child’s brain, month by month. In particular, the greatest changes occur the greater the contamination […]

The “new” food production and its problems

Actually, no, it’s not new. The macro farms began to be installed in the decade of the sixties. We have been consuming animal products that come from macro-farms for many years. But for you to understand what has happened recently and why they are being talked about now, I have to explain to you, first, what they […]

The solution to the ammonia problem

The evolution of the livestock sector in Spain in recent years has made it essential to draw up a new standard that includes different environmental and animal welfare aspects.Its articles 10 and 11, Royal Decree 306/2020 of February 11, and the European Directive 2016/2284 on emission reduction require an immediate reduction of ammonia emissions, as well as […]