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“This project clarified the technology potential by focusing on measured values of catalytic activity—that is, the rate at which air can be cleaned by a given area of photocatalyst (if 1 m2 of catalytic film or plate can clean 100 m3 of air per day, it has an activity of 100 m/day). Laboratory data show that a high‐quality TiO2 catalyst has an activity of about 200 m/day for NOx, about 60 m/day for typical VOCs …”

(California Energy Commission, 2008)


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Discover the advantages of photocatalytic surfaces

Activa Products eliminate odour caused by particles, enhancing the feeling of freshness in the air.

Activa Products

Appling Activa products to the exterior of a house has the same effect in cleaning the air as planting 15 to 20 fast-growing trees would have.

A surface painted with Activa Products reduces the growth of bacteria and moulds in 50 to 75%. In a bright room, air pollutants are removed in 70 to 100%.

Maintenance costs for a surface treated with Activa Products are reduced by 75-90% due to its self-cleaning properties. The dirt spots caused by air conditioning or heating radiators never appear.

Activa Products eliminate odour caused by particles, enhancing the feeling of freshness in the air.

Eliminate pollutants and harmful compounds with the energy of light


Photocatalysis is a natural phenomenon through which a substance is energized by light (natural or artificial) in order to remove contaminants and harmful compounds.

In the presence of air and light, the oxidation process is activated, decomposing contaminant organic and inorganic substances that come in contact with the photocatalytic surface.

Photocatalysis is effective against many toxic substances, including:

These pollutants (see above) are transformed through the photocatalytic process into gypsum (CaSO4+2H2O), calcium nitrate Ca(NO3)2 and limestone (CaCO3), which are completely safe for people.

Through this process, our products, when applied both outdoors and indoors to buildings and homes, offer the following PROPERTIES, PERMANENTLY:

Elimination of airborne toxic pollutants produced by cars, factories, varnishes, glues, heating, etc.

Reduction of the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, etc.) by destroying the substances they feed from.

Removal of dirt from surfaces, which also stay clean for much longer without needing washing or repainting.

Elimination of odours produced by organic substances present in the air and which are removed permanently.

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